Understanding the High Costs of Car Ownership in Downtown Toronto in 2024

Own a Car in Toronto in 2024?

In 2024, the decision to own a car in downtown Toronto is becoming increasingly burdensome due to several escalating costs and logistical challenges compared to 2019. Here are some key factors contributing to this trend:

Cost of Ownership:

The average cost of owning a car in Toronto has surged by 52% since 2019, reaching an average of $1,623 per month in 2024. Over seven years, the total expense for a car purchased in 2024 is projected to reach $140,408​ (NOW Toronto)​.

Vehicle Prices and Depreciation:

The price of new vehicles has dramatically increased from $38,690 in 2019 to $68,574 in 2024. A significant portion of monthly car expenses—about 36%—is attributed to acquiring the vehicle and its depreciation​ (Hardbacon)​.

Interest Rates:

Interest rates on car loans have risen, with the interest component now making up 16% of the total ownership costs in 2024, significantly higher than in previous years​ (Hardbacon)​.

Insurance and Maintenance:

Car insurance rates are also on the rise, with annual averages in Ontario projected at around $2,428. Regular maintenance, including oil changes and brake jobs, remains a necessary and recurring expense​ (NOW Toronto)​​ (Insurance For Auto Home Business | Surex)​.

Parking and Additional Fees:

The cost of parking, along with fines for parking violations, has increased, adding to the overall expense of car ownership in the city​ (NOW Toronto)​.

Fuel Costs:

Despite fluctuations, fuel expenses continue to be a significant part of the monthly costs, especially for those commuting regularly within or from outside the city​ (Insurance For Auto Home Business | Surex)​.

These factors combined make owning a car in downtown Toronto not only expensive but also less practical than alternatives like public transit, especially given the city’s ongoing issues with traffic congestion and road closures​ (NOW Toronto)​.

For many, the financial strain and logistical headaches outweigh the convenience a private vehicle might offer.


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