Tips for Finding A Place Tagged ‘Pet-friendly’

Finding temporary accommodation can be a daunting task, but it can be even more challenging if you have a furry friend in tow. If you’re worried about finding pet-friendly accommodation, don’t worry! Here are some useful tips that can make your search a bit easier.

Look for pet-friendly listings:

The first step in finding pet-friendly accommodation is to look for listings that explicitly mention pets. As a temporary accommodation, we are especially welcome pets in all of our private units with some requesting stipends from the tenants.

Be upfront about your pet:

When you find a potential rental, make sure to disclose that you have a pet right away. Landlords appreciate honesty, and being upfront about your pet will avoid any unpleasant surprises down the line.

Offer a pet deposit:

Many landlords or property managers may be more willing to accept pets if you offer a pet deposit. This can give them reassurance that any potential damage caused by your pet will be covered.

Research local pet policies:

If you’re moving to a new city or country, make sure to research local pet policies and regulations. Some areas may have restrictions on certain types of pets or require specific vaccinations.

Keep your pet well-behaved:

To make a good impression on potential landlords or neighbours, make sure your pet is well-behaved. If your pet tends to bark or scratch furniture, try to address these issues before you start your search.

Bring all necessary pet supplies:

Make sure you bring all the necessary supplies for your pet, including food, water bowls, litter boxes, toys, and grooming supplies. This will help your pet feel more comfortable in their new environment.

Be considerate of neighbours:

When you move into your new rental, be considerate of your neighbours. Make sure your pet isn’t barking excessively and clean up after them when you take them for a walk.

Use a pet-sitting service if necessary:

If you need to be away from your rental for an extended period, consider using a pet-sitting service. This will ensure your pet is well-cared for while you’re away and can prevent any damage to the rental property.

Finding temporary accommodation that allows pets can be a challenge, but by following these tips, you can make sure that you and your pet are comfortable and happy during your stay. Remember, being upfront about your pet and offering a pet deposit can go a long way in making your search easier. Happy house-hunting!