Temporary Rental vs. Long-Term Rental – Which One Do You Like Better?

Looking for a flexible and convenient housing option in Toronto? Temporary accommodation might just be the perfect fit for you. With fully-furnished units, no lease required, and affordable pricing, you can find the perfect short-term rental to suit your needs.

With greater availability, lower commitment, and convenient locations and so on, temporary accommodation can be a great alternative to traditional long-term rentals. Plus, many options are fully furnished and require no maintenance. You can choose from a variety of sizes and locations to find the perfect fit for your needs as well.

✏️ Available inventory from month-to-month: Toronto is a busy and densely populated city, so it takes time to find a long-term rentals fitting your needs and for the time being, you even have to apply for that, just like job applications with so many requirements. If you need a place to move-in upfront, temporary stay of minimum 30 nights is not too bad.

✏️ Lower commitment: long-term rental agreements can last anywhere from six months to a year at least, and may not be suitable for those who need flexi-schedules or are unsure of future plans. Temporary rentals like us offer a lower level of commitment, which mean you could extend from month-to-month subject to unit availability.

✏️ Convenient locations: TFL accommodates units which are within walking distance to schools, workplace compounds, commercial areas, and entertainment and of course, public transits such as Dundas Station, Wellesley Stations, St. Patrick Stations, College Station, Kennedy Station, Yonge-Sheppard station, Eglinton East station and Bayview Station across downtown, midtown and Scarborough in Toronto.

✏️ Affordable housing: As we always look for immediate move-in tenants, we offer affordable pricing for those who in need the most, such as patients’ relatives, business people and newcomers to Toronto.

✏️ Fully-furnished with all inclusive: you just need to carry your own belongings and baggage because temporary rentals like you got basically everything you need for the stay in short period of time or even long-term.

✏️ No lease required: TFL we request a refundable security deposit to reserve the bookings, and when the tenants move in, we only need the rent to be paid in full, without first-and-last-month procedures. 

If you are in need of temporary accommodation, don’t hesitate to explore your options and find the right fit for your needs. Book your temporary rental today and enjoy the convenience and flexibility it has to offer!