Discover Hassle-Free Property Management

In the heart of Toronto, a city alive with the dreams of students and visionaries, lies an untapped opportunity for landlords. But managing multiple properties or floors comes with its fair share of complexities—be it overwhelming paperwork, finding the perfect tenant, or the daily nuances of unit management. Toronto Furnished Living understands these challenges. Our commitment? To step in, simplify the complexities, and ensure that landlords don't just profit, but also regain their precious time. Experience the ease of property management redefined with Toronto Furnished Living.

Our Milestones

Since 2005, Toronto Furnished Living has endeavoured to accommodate newcomers from all walk of life around the world to reside and grow in Toronto.


Our approach is transparent and efficient, tailored for Toronto’s landlords. With us, you can expect top-notched and thorough maintenance, best-suited tenant-property matches, and most importantly, zero arrangement costs that landlords are entitled to pay.

“We’re not just another relocation service; we’re the solution to the rental complexities in the city”


“By handling properties in batches, we transform them into inviting homes for a diverse range of city-dwellers”


Enjoy Consistent Rent, Irrespective of Occupancy

Our unique approach ensures that landlords receive their rent consistently, providing a reliable and regular income stream that is not dependent on occupancy rates.


Hassle-free property management

Our comprehensive property management solution is designed to liberate you from the day-to-day stresses and allow you to revel in the rewards of ownership without the customary challenges.


Rigorous Screening Process for Tenant Selection

We employ a stringent and comprehensive tenant selection process designed to ensure that only the most suitable occupants make it through to your property.


Zero Hidden Charging Fees

Every financial detail is meticulously outlined from the onset, ensuring that your financial planning and expectations are respected and untouched.



Meet Our Esteemed Landlords: The Pillars of Toronto’s Thriving Residential Ecosystem. At Toronto Furnished Living, we are honored to collaborate with a diverse group of landlords who play a pivotal role in sculpting the city's vibrant living experiences. Together, we navigate through the multifaceted rental landscape of Toronto, establishing harmonious tenant relationships and ensuring optimal property utilization, while fostering a mutually beneficial partnership that stands the test of time.


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