We welcome you to Toronto. No matter what country you are coming from to visit & stay in Canada, your stay here at Toronto Furnished Living will be safe, easy and comfortable. We provide temporary housing,  settlements and relocation services in Toronto. The minimum night stay with us is 30.

We provide corporate and temporary accommodation for many companies and private clients.

Our extended services include airport pick-up and drop off, special need transportation services, mail delivery upon request, and tourism where you can enjoy private and group tours.

Whether you’re living in Toronto for a month or a year, you will feel as though you never left home. Every detail is designed to ensure that it doesn’t just look beautiful, but also to adds to your experience.

We’ve put meticulous thought into every detail, from the designer furnishings to the fully equipped kitchen to the complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi. And if there’s anything you need, at any time, just ask us.

By email:

We recommend that you call or email to confirm availability of this apartment prior to booking.