5 Myths & Misconceptions about Temporary Rental

Here are five common myths about temporary rentals that are debunked:

Temporary rentals are always more expensive than hotels:

This is not always true. Depending on the location and time of year, temporary rentals can sometimes be more affordable than hotels. Additionally, temporary rentals often offer more space and amenities than hotels, making them a better value for some travelers.

Temporary rentals cannot charge pet fee:

Temporary rental has the similar business model as any AirBnb properties. So technically, TR can charge a pet fee for tenants who are travelling with pets. Many hosts do charge a pet fee as pets can cause additional wear and tear on the property, and also require extra cleaning. The pet fee is a typically a one-time charge, which is extra from the rental cost. This is subject to the host or landlord’s rules or restrictions, so if you would like to rent to a place requiring a pet fee, you have to abide by the host’s requests, such as keeping the units clean with no damages and paying the pet fee.

Temporary rentals are only for tourists:

While temporary rentals are often used by tourists, they are also used by locals who need short-term accommodations for various reasons, such as business trips, medical appointments, or renovations to their home.

It is illegal to ask tenants to pay security deposit:

No. It is common for temporary rental hosts to ask for a security deposit from their guests. The security deposit is a sum of money that is paid upfront to the host to cover any damages or losses that may occur during the guest’s stay. The deposit is usually returned to the guest after their stay if there is no damage to the rental property.

Rent is due on a monthly basis:

While it is true that rent for temporary rentals is typically due on a monthly basis, some providers, including us, calculate rent based on a 30-night basis. If a tenant wishes to extend their stay beyond the initial 30-night period, a different daily rate may apply for the additional nights.